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Dave Parfitt's Portfolio 

Thanks for taking a look at this! I tried to find recent examples of my main skills as a Cam Op/DP/Director. So check it out, and let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully you have a use for some of them skillz!

Sports Cinematographer

​My most niche and unique skill, some of my most common gigs:

  • NFL Films Denver Crew Chief, filming from their "Ground" position

    • Made NFL Films "Top Shots" feature three years running

    • ^Nominated for "Outstanding Camera Work (Short)" at 2022 National Sports Emmys​

  • Filmed over 150 Big Ten football and basketball

  • 15 College Football games for "Coach Prime" over the last couple years

  • Have also filmed volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, rodeo, and more. Always looking for new sports to shoot in creative and cinematic ways

Watch Now
  1. 2022-23 Reel Optimized for Instagram

  2. NFL FIlms "Ground" Position Footage (low res proxy footage)

  3. Long-lens Hi-hat "Art" Position Footage (Rec 709 Unlcolored)

  4. Gimbal Reel from 2021

​Recent Interview Looks

​Most interviews I'm shooting are filmed with a small crew, just myself, a producer, and audio. No Grip/Gaff team.

Generally we have about 1-2 hours to set up before we start rolling.

Usual gear list will be 2-3 lights, scrims, bounces, and flags.

  1. Symmetrical Looks (Pics 1-5) are from The Big Story: Nebraska Volletyball

  2. Traditional rule-of-thirds looks (6-7) are from my most recent feature for The Journey

  3. Last look (8) is made with just natural light. Only used scrims, bounce, and flags

2023 DP Work

While working on small crews, the roles of Camera Operator and Director of Photography are generall the same thing, a few projects stand out from 2023 where I was in charge of a larger crew of 4-6 cameras.

In addition to operating, I'll be in charge of crafting our look & interviews, while managing camera assignments throughout the project.

Hopefully this gives a good idea of verite scenes and broll you won't find in the rest of this portfolio.